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attitude checks - a loss of a mother

November three years ago, i was angry and bitter. for the life of me, i just couldn't muster up a thankful and grateful and overall positive attitude. how could i be thankful knowing full well that at any point, her liver would start shutting down, and she could die in months? how could i possibly not let that affect my being and not be sad and angry about that? in that same time frame, the other normal bs of life was also kicking in. i was questioning what i was doing and why. in every aspect of life.

i managed to work through that particular "dark period"…. somehow in december i started becoming a little less hopeless. a little less negative.
November two years ago (the year and month of), i somehow had managed to work through the prior year's angst so much so that i was at peace. if you had asked me the year before, i wouldn't have even fathomed being ok. not so much that i didn't believe i could be ok, but more so that i didn't know HOW i would even b…