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it's been a long time comin

i think i've finally graduated from living in a dark cloud filled world, to a pretty sunny and bright world again. and i am not skeptical.. i do not currently think that the other shoe will drop. it's sunny! and green!

you know that dark cloud? the one that follows you around, almost impossible to shake. the one that threatened to thunder, lightning, rain, and hail? the one that had a gun and promised to shoot you once, at an unexpected moment, sometime in the future? the one that was there for 4.5-5 years that you were forced to accept. that forced you to learn to truly appreciate silver linings and statistical anomalies. well, it shot me (and my family, i suppose) on november 23, 2012.

the cloud finally shot me. i guess there a rule in movies, where if you see a gun, it WILL be used. i saw the gun sometime around july 6th 2008. month to month. day to day. scan to scan. test to test. 85% mortality. #4 killer. 3 months.  3-6 months. google search to google search.

after the gu…