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rock bottom riser

the purpose of this post is just for me to type feelings out because theyre currently trapped in my noggin... nothing prolific or anything....

you know... one minute, you're FINE. and then BAM it hits you. your're driving home from OC, slightly nostalgic, and coming from a bridal shower of a dear friend and from getting boba with another dear friend. you're singing along to tswift's 1989 album. and then...TEARS. streaming down your cheeks.

i miss her.... there is so much happening. a new house, a bright future, happy at work. pretty at peace and happy with life. this is the best i've been (overall) in maybe a decade with where i am, where i've been, and where i am going. i mean, nothing is ever 'perfect'.. but seriously, i'm actually not tinged with conflict in my head and questioning things. but... i guess everything is bittersweet. 

she's not here. (yeah yeah, she's in your heart, with you always). yeah, but SHE'S. NO…